Intro/Refresher Workshops

These workshops are ideal for health professionals that wish to learn how to treat persistent pain in an effective, safe and economical way.

           The standard Introductory/Refresher Workshop is a three-day learning experience, involving lectures and observation of patient treatment, with some time available for treatment practice where possible/practicable. Many people attend two or more times, as they find they learn more each time.

You will learn:

  • The anatomy, physiology and pathology underlying neuropathic pain and neurogenic inflammation
  • The scientific basis for the treatment
  • The role glucose plays in the treatment of neuropathic pain and neurogenic inflammation
  • How to diagnose neuropathic pain
  • How to treat neuropathic pain with subcutaneous near nerve injections with dextrose 5% in sterile water


Dr Lyftogt's Neural Prolotherapy Workshops 2015 

Contact details of the conference organiser are provided below - please contact them for further information regarding registration, fee, accommodation etc. 


Manilla, The Phillipines: 6 - 7  April. Contact Dr Jeimylo (Jim) de Castro :

Taipei, Taiwan : 17 - 19 April . Contact :

Seattle area, USA: 5 - 7 June at Bastyr University  For further information or to register, click here to be directed to the website of Dr Jeff Harris, the event organiser   or email

Las Vegas, USA: 12th June - The 6th Annual PRP & Regenerative Medicine Seminar 

Dr Lyftogt presents the Pre-event workshop at TOBI 2015. The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) continues to raise the bar in PRP and regenerative medicine events. Neural Prolotherapy is an excellent treatment adjunct to PRP and other regenerative medicine therapies and Dr Lyftogt is honoured to share his knowledge of this effective treatment at this event. Visit the TOBI 2015 event website to register NOW! 

Denver, Colorado, USA: Pre-conference event, AAOM Workshop on 6 August. Contact:

Ferrara, Italy: 4 - 7 September (note new dates!) . Contact Dr Stephen Cavallino:

Buenos Aires, Argentina:  6 - 8 November.  Contact Dr Ninin:



Feedback from Introductory/Refresher Workshops include the following comments:

“As an academic..... I was impressed with his painstaking study of over 100 years of research on the peripheral nervous system to present a well-supported and cogent scientific basis for his methodology. He also supported his work with hundreds of case studies and pre-post imaging studies.  Simply stated, he has changed how I practice medicine – my patients are on a waiting list to receive treatments”.     Lee Wolfer, MD, MS. San Francisco, California, USA.


“Attending Dr Lyftogt’s Neural Prolotherapy workshops... has been one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences in my quest to find the cure to Chronic Pain. I went to New Zealand in 2009 for his first ever Neural Prolotherapy workshop. Impressed but still sceptical, I returned home and tried it on my own patients and have been amazed at the results, leading to pain relief in almost all musculosketetal and neuropathic cases.  I attended his second workshop, assisting as a clinical instructor. There, I was able to understand more deeply the pathophysiology of neurogenic inflammation and the anatomy of the peptidergic sensory system, and how near nerve injections of dextrose can relieve pain instantly.I feel honoured and blessed to be one of the pioneers in spreading the word about neural Prolotherapy. The whole paradigm of pain has changed for me and I have discovered, thanks to Dr. Lyftogt, a minimally invasive treatment, that if done correctly, can relieve pain without the expensive and ill effects of many medications used for pain.   Liza Maniquis-Smigel, MD.  Hilo, Hawaii, USA.


“I will be forever grateful to Dr John Lyftogt, for the outstanding training he provided. His workshop on Neural Prolotherapy has radically changed my approach to patient physical examination and treatment, has taken my practice to the next level, and has helped countless patients.  Many thanks “ .Dr Adam Weiglein, D.O. Sports Medicine Physician, Houston, Texas.


“It is a privilege for me to have been a part of John’s workshops. With his treatment modality, I have seen eyes lighted with hope; smiling faces and grateful patients”.  Dr. Irene  Briceno Felix, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, Guadalajara, Mexico.



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The Master Class scheduled for the Seattle area  on 29-31 May 2015  is now fully booked.

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